Change of Perspectives enabled!

Perspectives that we are able to take determine what we perceive. The more perspectives we are able to include, the more sophisticated solutions get.

Our visual products and services contribute to perspective-taking, as do process facilitators and consultants we work with.

Why is perspective-taking of high relevance? An integral approach is capable of looking onto any given situation in the world in a comprehensive way and thereby respecting all currently known variables. This thereby contributes to the creation of more sophisticated solutions that take all perspectives into acount and respect them, without excluding or rejecting any. All have some influence on the situation and the thereby resulting problems . Thus, the integral approach represents a contrast in comparison to any absolutism as well as to the widespread solely rational-scientific methodology that seem to have a kind of built-in prejudice, due to supposing their truth as the one and only view.

Doing so the integral approach includes both the partial truths of science and pluralism and grants them both validity, as long as they talk about their own quadrants or domains; but it rejects that they carry the sole truth respectively. Potential already present in each individual is incorporated in a positive manner. By combining all perspectives and truths the integral framework is capable to deliver new, sophisticated and promising approaches to the most pressing problems of the world. It thereby ensures that all main dimensions of human existence are integrated in order to maintain an approach that covers any behavior as complete, effective and productive as possible. This thereby offers the most full and fascinating “maps of reality” that science found so far.

Make use of our services to create targeted change of perspectives as well as including all perspectives in our projects, events and processes.

The experience that comes with our deliverables is based on a sophisticated trans-disciplinary undertaking and an expansion of current standards, workflows and established methods. Our very own learning, realization and phrasing develops in highest accuracy and in consultion with a worldwide think tank of experts.