Information Architecture

Today, almost every corporation has an information problem. Even with a focus on targeted, high quality communication “findability”, structure and comprehensiveness of information are declining. Information architecture is the art and science of designing, organizing and structuring highly usable and commonly used information platforms. The benefit from truly relevant information is boosted and an information space that fits the organization is created.


Products and Methodology, examples for sitemaps, wireframes, flowcharts and usability services

• Web applications
• Social networks, semantic web
• Intranet applications
• Knowledge databases
• Mobile IA (iPhone)
• Data capture and evaluation in real time for conferences, large group events etc.
• Integral IA, respecting congitive / emotional and further developmental levels of the users (AQAL).
IA/UX Wireframe
IA/UX Sitemap IA/UX Flowchart
IA/UX Wireframe IA/UX Usability


[testimonial name=”James Kalbach” about=”User Experience Consultant with LexisNexis, previously head of information architecture with Razorfish. Editor with Boxes and Arrows, author of Designing Web Navigation (O’Reilly, 2007)” url=”” image=””]I’ve worked with Mathias Weitbrecht and have known his work for over decade. His ability to translate complex, abstract topics into a clear message is remarkable. As the business world gets more and more complicated, being able to see the big picture is increasingly crucial. Integral Information Architecture gives organizations the overview needed to connect the dots and ultimately succeed.[/testimonial]