Our facilitation, consulting and creative services enable our clients to address a whole spectrum of challenges. Visualization products, knowledge organization and events allow you to experience your workshops, projects, change processes and personal development with added value.

Products and Services

Graphic Recording: Your visual and pictorial support for workshops, trainings, conferences and events. The creation of a live visual protocol that can be communicated internally and externally – for long lasting effect beyond the actual event. A competitive advantage that distinguishes your events and motivates your employees.

Visual Facilitation: This is our direct visual support for facilitators, moderators and consultants. We can also interact with your audience using innovative visual tools. Double benefit: The moderator is free  to concentrate on the group process, and the audience feels seen and involved.

Dates Visualization: The creation of a learning effect through data – a great way to captivate the attention of the audience and to display patterns, trends and scenarios. A hot topic that will open eyes!

Info-graphics and Knowledge Maps: Knowledge posters and info graphics: Large amounts of information do not put us off. We create visual meta-view knowledge maps for corporate use and for media publication that capture current knowledge and prepares it presention-ready for a transfer of knowledge.

Process Visualization: An eye opener for staff and project participants – visual processes. Recognize a larger context extending beyond the horizon, all complexity, and nested systems!

Presentation Service: You know the situation: Your presentation must be ready in a few hours – and done in such a way that it stands out from the monotony of normal Powerpoint, and that you and your message is remembered. We are your ‘ghost designers’ for a highly effective, visually rich, animated presentation. Quick, short notice, now.

Information Architecture: The design of highly complex networked information spaces in which your staff will not get lost. A must for today’s digital communication products and Web apps. We add further value to classic IA deliverables by our visual style to provide added value to client and team.


Attractive Product Packages

Packages are individually tailored combinations of basic training content with advice on your individual circumstances. Packages always deliver first visual results for immediate use and take effect on your company or project beyond their actual duration.

Expert Day: The Expert Day starts with a short training on visual principles and ways of working, then accesses your specific needs and situation and in co-creation and exchange develops a concept of visual value to your company or project.

Project Value Package: This includes a one day workshop, a roadmap, 6 days with a visual expert for free use. A presentation rounds off the package.

Information and booking on request.