Mathias Weitbrecht IA, Graphic Recorder, Visual Facilitator
Malte von Tiesenhausen Illustration, Comic, Storyboard
Katrin Goecke Process Facilitation, Coaching
Silke Döpken Data Visualization
Lasse Lamminen Programming, Agile Development

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Mathias Weitbrecht

As an information architect, business designer and visual facilitator it is my task to display complex information as simply as possible – always with a people focus. As people are both creator and consumer of information, it is my responsibility to be in posession of knowledge and understanding of a business and its goals; as well as being familiar with human communcation and perception psychology. A big goal in my work process is to add to value creation of businesses and clients I work with. To ensure this my work integrates the understanding of multiple perspectives, of any content involved, effective team work and communication, and outstanding creativity.

I thus support training and consulting businesses, agencies and digital media projects in a future-oriented way. I am capable of merging the dimension of human potential with the tech domain, and both are important to me. In order to accomplish this I combine my creative, visual strengths with my business administration education and my high interest for personal development. I am successful in my ability to communicate complex matter with simple tools and to deliver impressive visual products.

The “aha” effect and “wow” when seeing my work is a personal joy to me each and every time. I open the eyes of those I work with and thus open new possibilites: They receive supportive tools for their activity and attain new, exciting results through the application of visual deliverables.

Mathias Weitbrecht Portrait 2013 Photo by Tom Sólo

Mathias Weitbrecht Portrait 2013 Photo by Tom Sólo

After studying business administration and technical engineering I took further trainings, among them Business Coaching (V.I.E.L. Coaching), Visual Facilitation (Kommunikationslotsen), human development theory (Cook-Greuter), Conscious Business (Fred Kofman), Integral Organizational Leadership / AQAL (Integral Institute), Personal Mentorship Training (KBDS / UK), Project- and Requirements-Management (RAZF University).

I am a member of the Information Architecture Institute, DVCT e.V. German Association for Coaching and Training, Usability Professionals Association and Integral Institute (inaugural member).

I worked for consulting corporations and agencies in Germany and the US, partly in leadership roles. Audi, Bayerische Landesbank, DPD, HypoVereinsbank, Milupa, Pentax, Zeiss are among the client projects.

I see my activity as a contribution to adding value to both society and client business, and doing this I overlook large timespans and enjoy creative glimpses into the future and trends. On the side I am active in international NGO work, express my visual mind taking photographs and have an ongoing openness for the possibilites of developing human potential.

More information? See my creative mission for more background of my work.