Ausgewählte Kunden

Pentax: Visual support of management and organisational development, visuals for strategy development
Swiss Economic Forum: Graphic recording and conference documentation > more
Referenz Graphic Recording Lufthansa Systems AG Lufthansa Systems: Graphic recording, change communication
 Referenz Graphic Recording Telekom Telekom: Graphic recording for management events
Deutsche Gasrußwerke GmbH & Co, Dortmund: Graphic recording, visual facilitation, visual project support for corporate-wide organizational development
Evonik AG, Essen: Synchronous graphic recording, workshop support
Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, Berlin: Graphic recording, conference documentation using visuals and film. > more
dropping knowledge e.V.: Social media information architecture, event support, integral cross-level communication
Bertelsmann Stiftung, Gütersloh: Visualization workshop leader, user experience consulting for Stocks’n’Flows
Milupa: Visuals and poster, large group event support
GS1 Germany, Köln: Knowledge visualization for management and organisational development
Amazon Germany: communication design, poster visualization User experience consulting, information visualization consulting
Bayerische Landesbank, Munich: User experience consulting, strategic concept and information architecture for banking relationship platform

Project management and consulting for the development of a touchscreen user interface of a large-scale optical instrument
Global enterprise with 200 brands Implementation of a corporate communication strategy, workshops for international teams
DPD German Parcel Service Information architecture
Hamburg Mannheimer Insurance Concept of a company-wide strategic Intranet and field service tool
Hornblower Fischer Bank, Frankfurt Information architecture and user intelligence research for iTV platform
Siemens Business Services Consultancy review of corporate identity, evaluation of customer communication, recommendations
…and many more.


Information Architecture

  • Visual Facilitation for most workshops, trainings, consulting processes
  • High-end user-centric concepts for IA projects
  • Visual Facilitation for change process projects
  • New visual display of common IA deliverables
  • Visual support and workshop techniques for project teams, ideas and future workshops, planning teams
  • Concepts of digital Team Dashboards, Competitive Intelligence Dashboards, Workgroup Solutions
  • Large group intervention with the entire system, World Café, Open Space
  • Visual added value for client-friendly understandable communication
  • Synchronous graphic recording for events, dialog conferences and congresses incl. visualization of the actual daily results
  • IA and UX concepts for social media projects, experience in networked communication environments
  • High-end presentations (Keynote, PowerPoint) with animation
  • Mobile IA: iOS concepts, deployment of all deliverables for iOS programmers
  • Flowteam events and team collaboration
  • Wireframes, clickable prototypes and flowcharts also of complex information environments
  • Support for Lean Management, Lean Development, Lean Administration
  • Client-specific workshops and training materials in high-end CI, balancing text and image, printing
  • Documentation and data administration of complex projects, internal and/or external as material for the client corporation
  • Data visualization: display of figures and databases in new ways, respecting semantic corelations; visual browsers