Creative Mission

Creativity plays a crucial part in my work.

In order to support creativity, I am continuously developing ways of working that generate the most innovative ideas while maximizing productivity and efficiency. I don’t just allow room for creativity in my work, but rather I continue to design my work around creativity.

Business itself is a creative process and making creativity one of its central organizing principles optimizes innovation and quality, resulting in an atmosphere that is both stimulating and supportive of new ideas. Although working in consulting, technology and development projects as well, I advocate creativity as an important purpose in all of these projects.

It is my belief that there is a creative spark in all project teams. It is my mission to ignite it. Continued shifts in perspectives and ongoing personal development is required of me in order to further my mission.

I am working towards an improved efficiency where new kinds of thinking, acting and meaning-making expand the limits of the current world view. Unprecedented thinking often comes into being in a non-linear manner. Opposites, inconsistencies and ambiguities produce creative sparks. In my work, I embrace and use the boundaries that otherwise separate skills, capabilities and areas of knowledge. My approach is integral, truly multi-disciplinary, and my learning fields cover a wide field of topics. In other words I unify an analytic separation of components and the actual creative work.

To create innovative strategic digital and non-digital communication products requires me to continually produce new thinking in order to bring everything together into a coherent whole, a vital capability needed to cope with the growing complexity of the world.

I work with the belief that every individual has tremendous capabilities. Responsibility, commitment, integrity, care and intuition drive me. Presence in every moment supports me: Isn’t it obvious that the quality of actions depends on fresh awareness of what happens right this moment, in the context of a larger whole?

Creative Guidelines

I encourage creative friction: I train myself in holding conflicting thoughts in mind simultaneously. Holding multiple cultural and disciplinary viewpoints in mind without discarding either during my work results in better creative collaboration. Thus, the energies released between these different perspectives and working methods can be harnessed to create breakthrough solutions for my customers.

Conscious Interaction: I encourage and seek various spontaneous interactions and partnerships among diverse talents. I ask creative questions forcing our thinking loose from obvious solutions and allowing a fresh look into the situation.

Prototyping: I make efforts to nurture a culture tolerant of mistakes, showing an appreciation of their worth in problem solving and the confidence required for creation. I deliver often, seek feedback and creative interplay, and revolve the output of improved tangible results.

Refocusing concentration: I seek various forms of creativity, merge and interchange them in order to work both with a linear and a non-linear flow of creative thinking. To support this, I cultivate an occasional, carefully timed disengagement from the intensifying concentration that focus on creative work requires. With efficient project planning in place I leave the room for this kind of distancing that improves results, involves outer and inner inspiration and connects.

Distance from the screen: I maintain periods of disengagement from my principal activities – not easy once a project is the center of focus as well as due to work’s own momentum. On the other hand, conscious temporary detaching from work doesn’t mean abandoning it. With concentration refocused, an expanded mindfulness goes on working, experiencing new input and additional information. I encourage those working with me to develop outside interests and areas of development. Thus I see myself not as a final unchanging skill set, but both as a passionate amateur and an experienced professional at the same time.

Encouraging permeable boundaries: Traditionally, different project skills are separated in order to make everything function with the precision of the organizational chart. I take a creative approach into my projects allowing all capabilities displaying flexible definitions – thus expanding possibilities for new opportunities.

Cultural diversity: Sometimes project work produces situations without a common language. Being creative involves a broad range of personality characteristics; a capacity for analysis, awareness, emotional reactions, and the ability to synthesize the elements of a problem into a new idea. These vary between different individuals and it is my working style to embrace this cultural diversity.

Aesthetics: Fusing interdependent disciplines like communication, technology, strategy, and emotion… results in creativity that can be described as passionately connecting different realities. Thus, also the most outstanding aesthetic expression needs hard work, focused skills and a grasp of business.