Visual Content + Quality of Transmission = Tangible Added Value.

• Dealing with a complex environment or an unmanageable amount of information?
• Is it a challenge to transmit content in a truly simple way?
• Is there a benefit in presenting in a different way rather than using PowerPoint?
• Should clients receive a truly new, individual and distinctive presentation?
• Shall all senses of those involved be included?

New methods and tools in training, consulting and coaching that answer these questions are very often of a visual nature. These are ideal for the communication of knowledge and information especially when different stakeholders, levels of development or cultures are involved.

Content can either stand on its own or will fall according to the quality of its transmission. One thing we know: Enrichening established standard methods and techniques with high-quality visual presentations and visual facilitation becomes tangible added value. Images influence our thinking, feeling and acting. Images are quicker and more direct than words, and being carriers of sense and meaning they often directly jump into our hearts.

Thus, customized and targeted visual tools help to reduce learning barriers, highlight a core idea and to anchor seemingly intangible emotional content (i.e. values) in a deep sustainable way.Images, metaphors and a simple graphic language contribute to direct exchange of experience and learning success of all those involved. In order to achieve this we implement re-usable graphic elements in a playful way.

Everything in and around your projects can be visualized. This involves process specifications, concepts, timelines, any accumulation of knowledge, org charts, CI elements and much more. An ideal add-on to existing methods, confirmed to be true added value and value creation by our clients.

The visual approach is suitable for client projects in organizations who are currently going through change processes, be it due to development, restructuring, or integration projects. It is also suitable for organizations that offer training or that internally or externally deal with complex dependencies and processes. It is our task to contribute to the management of communication and collaboration such that organizational development in structural, cultural and strategic dimensions runs smoothly – in the whole system.

The added value and value creation mentioned in regards to our visuals for workshops, trainings, consulting projects, social media activities. in communication, in securing results might be contributing to the “wow” we often hear.

Existing training, moderation and coaching methods can ideally be combined with the possibilities visualization offers. The results are customized tools for the client. Complete events thus benefit from visual added value – from team workshops to large group events: Planning, project management, facilitation / moderation, visualization and documentation are all delivered as one package.