New: Hand-sketched Explanatory Films – EXPLAINAS

We are pleased to introduce EXPLAINAS – Premium Explanatory Films, tailor-made and hand-sketched – powered by Integral Information Architecture.

The world gets more fast-paced and complex. Visual tools are very much suitable to convey messages in a way that the message reaches its receiver, including all content – in most cases a solely text-based communication will not do it.

EXPLAINAS videos are illustrated, perfectly matching your story. They are ideal to comment and explain complex matter, introduce products, capture an audience – and always it is the interplay of story (incl. speaker’s voice) and moving images (sketched according to the story)


Another example: Do we really experience things that happen in an objective way? We act as if we do – but let’s take a look…

EXPLAINAS - Handgezeichnete Premium Erklärfilme