Holacracy™ Explained Visually – A New Organizational Practice

Holakratie / Holacracy Flipchart by Integral Information Architecture

Holacracy™ explained visually – a new practice of structuring, leading and governing an organization. It represents a ‘new operating system’, that fosters rapid development self organization.

HolacracyOne writes: Over the past two decades, dozens of thought-leaders have pointed the way to new capacities organizations must develop to thrive amidst our 21st century challenges. These visionaries are highlighting the limits of our conventional views of organization and leadership, and offering a glimpse of new possibilities available to us – if we’re able to make the leap. Yet it has proven difficult to sustain a whole-system transformation by simply applying isolated principles and practices within our conventional frame. To really achieve the promises of the emerging new paradigm, we need a fundamentally new operating system for our organizations – a core upgrade to the way we govern, manage, and execute work.

Holacracy™ offers a comprehensive practice for governing and running our organizations. Its transformative structure and processes integrate the collective wisdom of people throughout the company, while aligning the organization with its broader purpose and a more organic way of operating. Holacracy™ takes the principles, ideas, and emerging mindset articulated by many cutting-edge thought leaders, and instills them in the actual structures and processes of the organization. This grounds them in practice and brings them to life, and the result is dramatically increased agility, transparency, innovation, and accountability.

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