Graphic Recording für TEDx Konferenzen

Bereits zum dritten Mal haben wir TEDx Konferenzen visuell dokumentiert, dieses Mal für TEDx Berlin mit dem Thema „City 2.0“.

TEDx Berlin City 2.0 Graphic RecordingTEDx Berlin City 2.0 Graphic Recording TEDx Berlin City 2.0 Graphic Recording

Aus der Event-Ankündigung ( As of 2008, more than half the world’s population lives in cities. By 2050, that figure is projected to climb to 70 percent. The world’s urban centers are faced with a global challenge, but the necessary solutions will start on a local level.

TEDxBerlin „City 2.0“ is a response to that challenge. How will our living conditions change as urban populations swell? What about health care, energy, and transport? And what qualities must the City 2.0 have in order to be a livable place?

TEDxBerlin has assembled more than 20 visionaries dedicated to answering such questions. From the practical to the fantastical, from groundbreaking projects that are already underway to utopian dreams—the perspectives we will explore on September 6-7 will shed light on what’s in store for our cities, and how we urban citizens can become part of the discussion.